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Welcome to Bethany where resurrection takes place thru anointed preaching & Holy Ghost singing, in worship and fellowship. Please feel at home in the presence of God and our church family.

You can join us in sanctuary or on our live streaming by clicking the live streaming link on this website or on our youtube channel and facebook page, (Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church Bahamas). You may also view previous services by clicking on our re-broadcast link which will allow you to view anyone of our services at your convenience. 

This Sabbath, we will join the Inter-American Division english speaking unions in the "Footprints of Hope" Evangelistic Series, with Evangelist & International Speaker, Pastor Glen O. Samuels. The service will be virtual beginning at 10:30AM and continues nightly at 6:30PM, except Thursday nights, which is an off night. We will be in the sanctuary on Sabbaths for Adult Sabbath School, which begins at 9:30AM and we will join the Evangelistic series at 10:30AM. you can also watch the Sabbath services on our Facebook & Youtube channels.     

Please take note and join us for our regular weekly services as follows:

Church Services

- Early Morning Prayer & Praise Service - 7:30AM on Zoom (ID 242 012 3456)

- Adult & Collegiate Sabbath School - 8:45AM on Zoom (ID 242 012 3456)

- Lower Division - 9:00AM on Zoom (ID 242 012 3456)

- Divine Worship - 11:00AM in sanctuary and live streaming on Youtube & Facebook (Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, Bahamas)

- Tuesday Morning Prayer Meeting - 6:00AM on Zoom (ID 242 012 3456)

- Wednesday Night Bible Study - 7:00PM on Zoom (ID 242 012 3456)


Have a blessed Sabbath!

Sun sets today at 5:42PM