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  • I believe the Lord is leading me into a fast during this season, because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. Pray that the Lord will show me how this fast should be conducted, how long, and pray for the strength to enter into and complete this fast. Pray for the discipline to cry out for the countries and individuals with coronavirus. I believe the Lord is bringing a great shaking, and I want Him to bring the gospel and inner cleansing and healing to those with coronavirus. Pray that many other Christians in my part of Virginia will join me in this fast; we will be stronger together. Pray that it will be a season of brokenness for us, a season of transformation, where we learn to walk in deeper intimacy with Christ, and get deeply in touch with His heart for the nations. (Ezek 22:30-31)
    Seth McAdams - Mar 15 2020
  • Please pray for the board to act to fix a huge problem. Delay can be destructive, and there is already a huge delay. Thanks.
    - Jan 09 2020
  • I am ill and behind in work. I need urgent miracles. Please pray for the removal of demonic blockages, by Jesus' blood. Please pray for healing and work completion. Please pray for Mom to be healed, as she is also ill. Please pray for D and I to have dialogue. Thanks.
    - Jan 02 2020