Our Pastor

Pastor Kenny V. A. Deveaux & Family

A Biography

Pastor Kenny V. A. Deveaux is the second son and child of Rodney (Deceased) and Mavis Deveaux.  He was born on the beautiful island of New Providence, in the Bahamas archipelago.

Kenny is a born Seventh-day Adventist and received his formation education from the Bahamas Academy Elementary and Secondary Divisions, where his mother also taught for forty years.

Growing up in the church, Kenny was constantly exposed to the teachings of God through the Sabbath School, Children’s Choir, Adventist Youth Society, Vacation Bible and Summer Camps.

After high school graduation in 1976, he matriculated at the then, West Indies College and graduated in 1980 with a B.Sc. in Business Administration with a minor in Religion.  It was at West Indies College during a Week of Prayer conducted by Elder Richard “Dick” Barron that he felt a tug into Pastoral Ministry.  Lacking what he thought was the necessary skills; he declined to pursue the “call” any further.

Upon entering the organized work and given the opportunity to work and serve with various esteemed Pastors, he was fortunate to have been exposed to the giants of evangelism over the years.  Don Crowder and Rainey, and local giants such as S. N. McKinney, L. V. McMillan, H. A. Roach and many others he was at the epicenter of the church in the Bahamas and was further mentored, when L.V. McMillan encouraged him to be an Elder at an early age.

Having been exposed to some of the great laymen in the Bahamas Conference and more specifically at the great Grants Town Church, he was indelibly impacted by this exposure and determined to serve the Lord in a direct way.

Having been given the opportunity to be Head Elder at the largest church in the Conference, Grants Town, and then having to lead the church in the absence of the pastor for several months in the summer, guided by a number of seasoned Elders, he was further encouraged to pursue the gospel ministry.

Still not sure of this, he pursued and completed an MBA degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2003.  The Lord continued to pursue him and through the working of the Holy Spirit, Kenny was invited to serve in several Departmental positions and was elected as the Executive Secretary of the Bahamas Conference on August 6, 2008 and the Lord used that opportunity to allow him to become the Pastoral Leader at the Parkgate Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2009.  Despite his limitations, making himself available to be used by God, and working hand in hand with the brethren there, the Lord worked and through HIS guidance the church was able to grow and about fourteen persons was baptized.

After being at the Parkgate church for one year, he and his wife Darlene were transferred to the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church as Pastoral Leader and while there, a number of brethren encouraged him to pursue the gospel ministry. Having the full support of the church and the conference, for the pass two years, a minimum of 20 plus souls were baptized each year and the church grew financially.

It is through the working of the Almighty, that Kenny, his beloved wife Darlene, their son Ken and daughter Danielle are here today.   All praise and honor goes to God who made a declaration in Jeremiah 29:11 and we accept that declaration, because God continues to be faithful.